Shengqi Precision Mould Fittings Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that provides professional processing technical solutions and precision component for precision mould.
Shengqi company is specialized in manufacturing precision die cores, inserts, hot runner, mechanical parts, tooling fixtures, CNC tools and other non-standard spare parts.
At the same time, relying on the profound market background of Shengqi Precision Effort (Hong Kong) International Co., Ltd., and fully integrating foreign advanced technology with the Chinese market, it provides Chinese made and international brand standard mold parts (excluding patented products) such as Japanese Misumi/American DME/German HASCO and German fibro standard Technical support and manufacturing.
Shengqi's products are widely used in precision plastic molds, metal stamping molds, die-casting molds, precision tooling and precision automatic mechanical parts, and provide customers with all-round solutions for precision parts processing.